It is reported that the U.S. Treasury Is Auctioning off the entire JDM Project Car Collection

Do you have any doubts about what will happen to all Japanese domestic-market vehicles that were imported before they were legal under the rule of 25 years? Some are destroyed while others are sold in huge quantities through auction sites that state authorities have been able to approve.

This is the scenario in this set of Japanese only treasures dating back to the late Nineties that were seized, transported to the United States and then offered for sale in huge quantities. They could all be yours if outside of America. U.S. to ship the objects immediately and legally.

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Cars are included in the auction, which is organized by Treasury Department of the U.S. Department of the Treasury

The cars included in the auction, conducted by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, are dismantled as if they were cut up. They are dismantled for ship in the hopes that they will later be put back together after they reach the U.S. Crown jewel cars like the R34 GT-R were taken due to their poor condition. However, all of the cars are believed to be in the vicinity of an advanced car when the bumpers and the internals have been assembled. The auction features seven Silvia S15s which will at the very minimum create four reliable, driving vehicles.

The listing does not include vehicles listed in the listings, however, the images show some other notables, including Toyota’s Toyota Chaser Tourer V, the C34 Skyline-based Nissan Stagea wagon, and the Toyota Aristo V300. The post on Facebook by Midori Parts Shop includes the full list of VINs shown in the photos.

The biggest issue for any U.S.-based buyer is that this particular lot is offered for sale for export. Instead of showing that they are not planning to declare vehicles within the U.S and then purchase the lot, those who purchase this type of lot need to show on the form for customs they plan to transport every vehicle in the lot from the garage that is located in Sacramento to a location outside within the U.S. and must know that any attempt to import cars could result in similar seizures in the future.

This could severely reduce the value of the property. But it could be good news for a potential buyer who can quickly transfer 20 cars of value to parts from the United States.

The auction will close in the early morning, however, the rebid rule may be extended if every bidder makes a bid at the highest amount within the last 3 minutes. With the current rate of $111,000 an intelligent exporter could earn back the purchase of a GT-R and Silvias all by themselves.

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