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IPL media rights should bring big money

June 14, 6:32 p.m. HST

I am delighted to announce that STAR INDIA has won TV rights in India with its bid of Rs 23,575 crores. The candidacy is a direct testimony to the organizational capabilities of BCCI despite two years of pandemic.

12:42 p.m. • June 06, 2022

Viacom18 wins digital rights with its winning bid of Rs 23,758 cr. India has experienced a digital revolution and the sector has endless potential. The digital landscape has changed the way cricket is watched. This has been a big factor in the growth of the game and the vision of Digital India.

12:45 p.m. • June 06, 2022

June 14, 3:56 PM IST

Bidding for package C has finally ended and the closing price was INR 33.24 crore. For five years and 98 games, this will amount to INR 3,257 crore and the total inflow of IPL media rights so far is INR 47,332.52 crore. The much anticipated target of INR 50,000 crore appears to be on track.

Package C got a lot of buzz and created a lot of buzz and traction, having lived up to its element of surprise as bidders managed to throw their weight in there since the morning. The names of the bidders are not known, but the winner of package B has the right to contest and raise the bid to the second round.

They have 30 minutes to notify the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) unless they have won it themselves. There is still no guarantee that the auction will not go to day four and end on Tuesday June 14th itself, but one can never predict the dynamics of the auction.

33.24 crores, an odd number, appeared because someone placed a higher amount, above the Minimum Bid Increment (MBI) requirement on one occasion. This led to a different streak and ended up at INR 33.24 crore.

The number is significant as the overall per-game value of digital rights exceeded the TV price of INR 57.5 crore. The digital bill will be around INR 58 crore per game.

The BCCI treasurer also confirmed the development. “So digital has proven to be more important than linear TV this season in IPL Media Rights. I would like to thank all participants for their interest in the best ‘Made in India’ sports property. In my opinion, transparency of the whole process is really the #1 winner. Huge thanks to the fans! (sic),” Arun Singh Dhumal said in a social media post.

June 13, 2:45 PM IST

At the moment we have two different partners for TV and digital in the Indian subcontinent. The total value per game is INR 107.5 Crore.

The company that had bagged the TV rights for INR 57.5 crore per game had challenged the company to bid INR 48 crore per game for digital. But it looks like the bidding for the digital ended at INR 50 crore per game.

The combined value of package A (TV rights) and package B (digital) is INR 44,075 crore.

The final tally for TV is INR 23,575 crore while digital ended at INR 20,500 crore. The digital rights, which closed at Rs 48 crore per game in the first round, ended at the half-century, with the rights apparently going to the original digital rights winner. The challenger, it seems, backed off after a few offers of INR 50 lakh each.

So, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has a winner in the rights of packages A and B.

The auction is now moving to Package C, which is an 18-game non-exclusive Indian digital right with a base price of Rs 16 crore. Package D is for the rest of the world consisting of five territories with a base price for each game for each territory is Rs 30 lakh. A composite offer for the Rest of the World package is not allowed.

BREAKING NEWS: Digital has reached half a century and could have ended with Rs 50 crore. Looks like the original winner won, not the challenger

09:12 • 06 June 2022

June 13, 12:00 PM IST

Did Sony Television get the TV rights?

Looks as good as done, but awaiting final confirmation – Indian Premier League (IPL) Media Rights TV rights have been sold, at around Rs 50 lakh more than Sunday’s bid of Rs 57 crore. The final tally is Rs 23,575 crore for TV rights priced at Rs 57.5 crore per game. The digital pack saw no bids and it closed at Rs 48 crore per game.

Does Sony have the TV rights? I’m not sure yet but I have information to believe it. https://t.co/w7GWJOU3cd

06:58 • June 06, 2022

The outcome of the proceedings so far is that there is a winner for the television rights and the name is not yet known. As the TV winner has the right to challenge the highest bid for digital, there is a chance of a rebid, which will start at 1:51 p.m. For now, it’s safe to conclude that the TV rights were sold for Rs 23,575 crore. There is still some time for the digital rights holder to be identified.

The day’s proceedings began on a rather quiet note, with the first bid only arriving after 25 minutes of bidding. It was for TV rights and according to the Minimum Bid Increment (MBI), it was a bid of Rs 50 lakh. After 30 minutes, the bidding for packages A and B ended, with the television winner having the right to contest.

The outcome of the proceedings so far is that there is a winner for the television rights and the name is not yet known. As the TV winner has the right to challenge the highest digital bid, there is a chance of a new bid, which will start at 1:51 p.m. https://t.co/Hwy8SrwIBv

06:39 • June 06, 2022

June 12, 5:50 p.m. IST

Bidding ends for the day with TV at 57cr and digital at 48 for an overall total of 105cr per game. The true value will be in multiples of 410. Rs 43,050 cr and that counts. #IPLMediaRights https://t.co/0LBpAplRQy

12:40 p.m. • June 06, 2022

June 12, 4:15 p.m. IST

Fees cross the INR 100 crore/match mark

Unconfirmed but reliable reports from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) sources have revealed to Cricbuzz that the value of media rights has crossed INR 100 crore, the first milestone in the sale of IPL properties.

As of press time, the news is that the fight for digital rights has been intense with two sides unwilling to give up. The identity of bidders is a matter of confidentiality.

After breaking the barrier of INR 100 crore, the overall value jumped to INR 41,000 crore at this point, given that the number of matches in the 2023-27 cycle will be at least 410. That is 5,000 crore INR more than the overall base. full package price. The base price for all packages was around Rs 90 crore.

Reduction of the digital gap on the value of TV rights

Chances are that the value of digital rights will seriously approach the price of television rights even if it does not exceed it. This is a major development and the overall price should break through the glass ceiling. As known, the base price of the TV has been set at INR 49 crore and for digital it is INR 33 crore. So far, digital is believed to have risen to INR 48 crore while the bid value for TV remains at INR 54.5 crore.

Given the 30-minute time between each bid and intense competition, it’s possible the auction will also extend into Monday. Either way, there are two more packages – a special non-exclusive 18-game package and the rest of the world – up for auction and sure enough bidding will have to be halted on Sunday night. In accordance with the rules laid down by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the auction will end at 6 p.m.

Explain the slow bidding process

Participants apparently make full use of the 30-minute interval between each offer. In fact, TV bidding has not moved for a long time and it is understood that a bid may also be placed at a later date. The time consumption can perhaps be explained by the fact that with every bid of INR 50 lakh, the bidder has to make a payment of Rs 205 crore for five seasons (multiplied by the number of matches)

At INR 54.5 crore per game, the TV rights value increased to INR 22,345 crore while at INR 46 crore per game, the digital offering increased to INR 18,860 crore. The combined value of the rights so far is INR 41,205 crore.

June 12, 12:00 p.m. HST

Hello and welcome,

Who will be able to broadcast IPL in the next cycle? How much will they pay for it?

These are the big questions to be answered during the day. Media around the world have shown interest in this particular round, and it is expected to influence the cricket market as a whole. Rumors abound that it is this value that will serve as a reference for other media rights, including that of ICC tournaments.

Needless to say, the money pooled today is expected to influence the cricket ecosystem like never before. That money could also dictate the future of the game. On that note, as we wait to find out what’s to come, it would be helpful to catch up on what’s been going on so far. Our correspondent, Vijay Tagoreoffers a range of reports:

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