City begins work on 2022 auction listing for overdue tax arrears

Following the City of Yellowknife’s Governance and Priorities meeting on February 7, the 2022 tax auction listing for properties with overdue tax arrears is available for viewing.

According to City Manager Sheila Bassi-Kellett, the city is taking the necessary steps to ensure that property owners on the list are informed of their situation before the list is finalized on June 3.

“When taxes are two years in arrears, we will advance auction properties to seek to recover unpaid tax revenue,” Bassi-Kellett said at the meeting. “Of course we do a lot of things before we get to that, we’re looking to educate and find alternative payment options with landlords.”

“Generally, most landlords work with us to find an arrangement that works for them and for us as well,” she continued.

Properties that land on the finalized list will be auctioned off with prices starting at 50% of their estimated values.

As payments are made, the City will continue to update the list to reflect properties that have not yet made payments or entered payment plans.

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