AlBahie Auction House auctions selected works by Peter Upton – Doha News

The exhibition opens its doors on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Art lovers, prepare your bids for the very first auction of an impressive lot of 32 pieces selected by the famous British artist Peter Upton.

Hosted by AlBahie Auction House on Tuesday, the Arabian Horses and Desert Auction will showcase the best of Upton’s exquisite paintings. The work is also derived from his experience as a highly acclaimed international judge of Arabian horses, his work as a historian and author.

Upton has published articles in international magazines and numerous books on Arabian horses, including his magnum opus “The Arab Horse”. All his works look like memories of his travels through the Arab world.

Each unique sketch tells the story of the rich culture of the Middle East and is found in important private collections of Arabian horse connoisseurs around the world.

The latest auction is part of AlBahie’s monthly community engagement events, bringing together local and international collectors to learn about cultural stories from various parts of the world.

A varied collection, ranging from fine rugs and carpets to modern and contemporary art, as well as luxury watches are among the exhibits.

About the artist

Upton was born in 1937 into a family that contributed to his development as an artist. His mother was a painter and his uncle, Charles W Cain, was a very famous engraver, also known as the “Engraver of the East”.

The painter continued his education at school and university, where he studied art and art history.

He then became expert and president of the Arab Horse Society of Britain twice. The eminent artist was also a founding member of the Arabian Horse Historical Association and regularly lectured around the world.

One of his famous literary works included “Royal Heritage – The History of the Arabian Horses of Jordan”, which he co-wrote with Princess Alia Al Hussein.

Upton delved into the world of poetry, publishing a collection of poems with his twin brother, Roger, and an illustrated book about growing up in Wiltshire, UK.

The British artist has shared his works with his homeland, various parts of Europe, the United States and the Arab region.

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