Month: July 2022

Maryland auction house fined $1.1 million for selling Hitler’s gold watches

A Maryland auction house has sold Adolf Hitler’s watch for $1.1 million. An open letter from 34 Jewish leaders said the auction, which included other Nazi memorabilia, is a “societal indictment”. They said the auction trumped “memory, suffering and pain…for financial gain”. Loading Something is loading. A gold watch given to Adolf Hitler has sold […]

“Live from Abbey Road” – Coinllectibles with auction house SPINK brings music-related Photographic Fusion DOTs

SINGAPORE, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coinllectibles, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings Inc. (OTC: COSG), is once again partnering with SPINK and Son Ltd. to marry its Fusion Digital Ownership Tokens (“DOT”) with a series of photographic images entitled “Live from Abbey Road”. These unique photographic images taken at Abbey Road Studios […]

First wrecked 2023 Acura Integra shows up at auction house, engine and interior toast after severe fire damage

The real-world driving environment called for its first new 2023 Acura Integra. Someone was unfortunately going to destroy the new Integra sooner or later, and a month after the new 2023 Acura Integra went on sale, that day has arrived. The Columbus Ohio branch of Insurance Auto Auction recently listed a wrecked and burnt-out 2023 […]

Somm TV will launch ‘auction lot 288’ exploring the world’s most expensive champagne

Digital service focused on food and wine Sum VT announced “Auction Lot 288,” a streaming movie about the world’s most expensive bottle of champagne, which will premiere on July 8. “Auction Lot 288” will tell the story of the 1874 Perrier-Jouët, which was declared the most expensive champagne at the famous London auction house Christie’s […]

Blizzard will offer select WoW Auction House items across the region in the next patch

Blizzard Entertainment Updates World of Warcraft‘s Auction House, making certain items available in all regions, instead of being locked to players’ individual servers. Through wow, auction house prices varied from server to server. But in patch 9.2.7, auction houses will share prices regionally for items considered “commodities”, according to a recent development update from Blizzard. […]

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