Month: September 2021

New York Auction House Sells Chinese Qing Vase For A Surprising Price Of $ 2.45 Million | Auction news | THE VALUE

[ad_1] During Asian Art Week in New York, everyone focuses on international auction houses – Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Smaller auction houses, indeed, sometimes have large sales worthy of our attention. A Porcelain Vase Of European Figures From Partial Chinese Imperial Falangcai, was sold at Doyle Auctions, a local New York auction house. Although the vase […]

“Like the Sistine Chapel auction”: auction house sold Osage cave containing significant prehistoric art for $ 2.2 million

[ad_1] This week, a cave in Missouri containing prehistoric artwork of members of the Osage Nation was auctioned off in a one-time lot sale for $ 2 million, or $ 2.2 million with bounty. Once used for burials and sacred rituals, the historic site, commonly known as Picture Cave, is home to some 290 glyphs […]

Madera auction house burns down: “I couldn’t believe how quickly this fire spread”

[ad_1] MADERA, Calif. (KGPE) – A fire started Thursday before 11:00 a.m. at the Public Auction R Us in Madera with thick black smoke filling the air in the area. The auction house is located on Highway 41 and Avenue 11. Fortunately, firefighters said no injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is still […]

Trueshan’s Stepsister Surpasses £ 60,000 Bill as Online Auction House Debuts | Bloodstock News

[ad_1] In-depth offer “title =” True Comtesse’s half-sister Jolie Comtesse won the first ThoroughBid sale “class =” js-imageLoader “data-at-xn =” / news / 2021/09/13 /98055-medium.jpeg “data-br-n =” ” data-br-m = “https: //” data-br-w = “https: //www.rp- 2021/09/13/98055-large.jpeg “data-br-xw =” -large.jpeg “onclick =” return false; “> Trueshan’s half-sister Jolie Comtesse won ThoroughBid’s […]

Vernon, BC auction house ends sale of Nazi items after concerns

[ad_1] After concerns were raised by a local Jewish organization, an auction house in Vernon, British Columbia, halted the planned sale of certain Nazi paraphernalia. The Okanagan Jewish Community Center was concerned that some Nazi items offered for sale online with the Dodds auction house might be purchased by a neo-Nazi. “I’m afraid this will […]

Main auction house Sotheby’s sells 107 NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club for $ 24 million – Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Britain-founded, New York-based American multinational corporation Sotheby’s has closed the auction of the Yuga Labs “101 Bored Ape Yacht Club” non-fungible token collection (NFT) at $ 24.3 million for the lot. The auction ended on September 10 and exceeded the expected settlement for the NFT lot, which was estimated to be around $ 12-18 […]

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