1966 Beatles concert poster sold at Dallas auction house sets new high

Beatles 23 August 1966 concert poster at Shea Stadium in New York – $220,000 (£169,400) at Heritage Auctions.

The price (plus 25% buyer’s premium) came two years after another example for the same event set a joint highest sum for a concert poster: $110,000 (£88,000) – see GTA No. 2438. It was a price shared with a poster sold last May also by Heritage announcing the two concerts of Hank Williams scheduled for New Year’s Day 1953 at the Canton Memorial Auditorium in Ohio.

They let it happen

Heritage said: “Unlike previous Beatles-at-Shea record holders, the one sold on the Fab Four’s last tour has not been touched by conservation experts. Its former owner, who owned it for decades, took great care of the keepsake.

The Fab Four’s first appearance at Queens’ 55,000 seat stadium in 1965 needed no promotion. At the height of Beatlemania in the United States, the venue sold out within minutes. However, for the comeback concert the following year, ticket sales at $4.50 each were lukewarm.

The simple 18-inch x 2-foot (40 x 60 cm) cardboard poster created by promoter Sid Bernstein to advertise the event is familiar today from countless later pirated copies. But, of the several hundred originals made before the concert by the Murray Poster Printing Co, only half a dozen would have survived.

Heritage concert poster manager Pete Howard said: ‘The Beatles’ shea hits $275,000 [premium-inclusive price] was not surprising, especially since it was long overdue. Compared to the most expensive movie posters and comic books, there’s still plenty of blue skies ahead of the best concert posters to keep rising in value.

Margate date

2540NEDI Edit The Beatles Legacy 2 Poster

Program from July 1963 when the Beatles played five shows at Winter Gardens in Margate, Kent, signed by all four band members – $36,000 (£27,720) at Heritage Auctions.

In July 1963, the Beatles performed five shows at Winter Gardens in Margate in Kent, England. A program of this legendary race, signed by all four band members, sold for a hammer price of $36,000 (£27,720) after a heated bidding war.

2540NEDI Edit Beatles Fab Four Heritage 3

Fabulous quartet of 15-inch tall Beatles bobbleheads made in 1964 – $32,000 (£24,640) at Heritage Auctions.

Moments later, two more Beatles-related items sold for $32,000 (£24,640) each, both setting new records: a fabulous quartet of 15-inch tall Beatles bobbleheads made in 1964, and one rare surviving photo sleeves for Harrison’s 1979 single. love comes to everyone. The latter was the first Heritage had ever seen. Bidding started at $15,500 before climbing to $32,000 – even without the record inside.

2540NEDI Edit Beatles Heritage 4

Cardboard window card for the Beatles’ last concert – which took place on 29 August 1966 at the long-demolished Candlestick Park in San Francisco – $26,000 (£20,020) at Heritage Auctions

An original concert cardboard window card for the Beatles’ last concert – held on 29 August 1966 at San Francisco’s long-demolished Candlestick Park – sold for $26,000 (£20,020), crushing previous highs for the artwork. Heritage said the poster, rated 9.2 Near Mint Minus by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), was signed by Wes Wilson, famous for designing psychedelic concert posters in San Francisco.

Psychedelic success

2540NEDI Edit Dead Poster Legacy

Grateful Dead 1966 Family Dog Skeleton and Roses poster – $110,000 (£84,700) at Heritage Auctions.

A near mint example of Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley’s beloved Family Dog Skeleton and Roses poster made for the Grateful Dead concerts September 16-17, 1966 at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco has sold for auction of $110,000 (£84,700).

This poster, rated Near Mint Plus 9.6 by CGC, is from the KC Murphy Bindweed Press collection, and is now the most expensive piece of psychedelic-era concert art ever sold at auction.

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